SocialGrams Names of God Series

SocialGrams Names of God Series

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A set of 14-modern square images for social media that describe the various names of God and where they are found in Scripture.


This is a great resource to teach students the various names of God found in the Bible. We can learn a lot about someone by learning the different names for them. Each square image can be used on any social media platform. Each image will have a name of God used in the Bible, what it means, and the Scripture reference to where it's found. This would be great to use during a series on the names of God or just in general to use on your social media accounts. Each image has the same modern design, although each will feature a different color scheme.

This Resource Includes:
• 14 high quality images (jpeg files)
• 1 editable photoshop file on all 14 images (PhotoShop required for editing)

Will Witkovsky