Snap Challenge Vol 3

Snap Challenge Vol 3

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The third great sequel to the Snap Chat themed photographic memory screen game.


This fun, fast-moving Snapchat-themed game will test your students’ short-term memories by asking them questions about a funny Snapchat doodle image that disappears after 5 seconds. Can be used as an up front game, a team/table game, or an individual game


What’s included:

  • Instruction READ ME on how to play the game (Word file)
  • Reproducible PDF file of answer cards for your whole group
  • Complete Powerpoint game file with 10 questions + a tie-breaker
  • Complete individual game slides (JPEG files)


Snap Challenge can be used to begin a message or discussion by using the ethereal nature of Snapchat’s disappearing images as a springboard to topics like God’s forgiveness of sins, or how the consequences of our actions don’t disappear as easily as images on an app.


If you missed the other volumes of the Snap Challenge screen game, you can find them in the DYM store by clicking here.

A great teaching resource companion for the Snap Challenge games is, Snap That by Andrew Larsen and Timothy Miller. It’s a three-week series that looks at The Garden of Eden and how sin changes our relationships. You can find Snap That in the DYM store here.


Reid Powell