Small Groups That Matter

Small Groups That Matter

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A Covenant and Coordinated 5-week study



A Covenant and Coordinated 5-week study

Anybody can get together and hang out. However, don't you want more from your small groups?

Great relationships won't happen on their own! You need to be intentional in your leadership. This resource is designed to strengthen your small groups by helping them focus and commit to what's important.

Then there are 5 simple talk sheets or Bible studies (one for each of the 5 covenant commitments) to reinforce and solidify a commitment to it in your small group.

Whether you're just starting a group - or need to remind your group what you're all about-this resource will help your small groups be more effective.


  • Week 1: Consistency
  • Week 2: Grace Filled
  • Week 3: Teachable
  • Week 4: Authenticity
  • Week 5: Confidentiality
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