Short-Term Intern Handbook

Short-Term Intern Handbook

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Make the most of a three-month window with interns by following this comprehensive plan.


This handbook is as much for the youth pastor as it is for the interns. It gives a week-by-week plan for what will be covered during the internship. You will not have to spend time thinking about what topics you would like to cover, and your interns will be certain to learn valuable disciplines that they can carry into youth ministry, whether they go full time or serve as volunteers. We have only used this for summer internships, but it would also work over a 3-month period with students attending a local college during their school year.

This Resource Includes:
• A handbook with plans for 12 meetings over a 3-month period, as well as a feedback form for improving the process in the future.
• A separate Microsoft Excel document with formulas that will help you build a budget using recurring, planned monthly, and miscellaneous expenses.


Jeff Selph