Shape It Up

Shape It Up

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Provide the students with some Play-Doh, display an image, and give them 3-minutes to SHAPE IT UP!


This interactive game will get your students laughing, working together, and having fun!

The gameplay is simple - provide small groups with Play-Doh and show the slide. The video clip will give your students 3 minutes to SHAPE IT UP and recreate the item on the screen. This can be an activity for everyone or get some contestants on stage to compete.

There are two variations on the way to use this game included. PLUS the game contains eight slides, but that is way more than you'll want to use in one sitting. You can come back later and use the other half, so it's like getting two games in one! All you need to get is some Play-Doh from Amazon or your local dollar store and you are set to SHAPE IT UP!

Use the game to lead into how God shapes us, or to talk about creation, or just for a great way to get students working together.

This Resource Includes:
• 8 rounds of video clips, each with a 3-minute countdown and energetic music (mp4 files)
• Title video (mp4 file)
• PowerPoint slides option (w/o video clips)
• Individual game slides option (jpeg files)
• Rules and gameplay document (Word file)
• ProPresenter6 package ready to import


Ken Leslie