Seven in Eleven: Christmas Edition

Seven in Eleven: Christmas Edition

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A video-driven screen game where participants try to name seven Christmas-themed items in a specific category in 11 seconds or less. It's harder than you may think!


Seven in Eleven is a game that puts your brain to the test as you make lists. In this video-driven game, a category is presented and participants will try to name seven items from that category in 11 seconds or less. You'll be surprised how tricky it can be!

In this Christmas-themed version, the British AI Narrator will introduce the category as the category also comes on the screen. When the Narrator says, ""Ready, Go!"" the countdown timer begins and the contestant can start naming items until the buzzer sounds.

This game was designed as an upfront game where students were incentivized if they could get “seven in eleven.” However, there are plenty of ways to play the game in your ministry.

Bring up one contestant at a time to see if they can win a round, or play it as a ""King"" or ""Queen"" of the ring game where a contestant stays up until they miss a round. There are also ways you can turn this into an all play game (be sure to read the ""Ways To Play"" word document included in the download).

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint game file
  • Individual (12 rounds + intro/instructions) game videos (mp4 files)
  • Ways to play document (Word file)
  • Title slide (jpeg file)


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About this Product
If playing as a stage game, it is really helpful if you have a preview monitor for the contestant to see the category and the clock. Also, you can up the intensity of the game by lowering house lights and having a spotlight on the contestant guessing!
Derry Prenkert

Derry Prenkert

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