Senior Yoologeeah

Senior Yoologeeah

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Every spring, we have the opportunity to bless our graduating seniors and their families. This resource will help you make the most of this opportunity!


Graduation season can be a busy time for families. In all the hustle and bustle, it can be hard to make time to say things that really matter. That's why Senior Yoologeeah exists! (Yoologeeah is the phonetic spelling (yoo-log-ee'-ah) of the Greek word “eulogia” which means “blessing.”) Senior Yoologeeah (or Senior Blessing if you prefer) is a family event designed to bless your graduating seniors where (1) meaningful words are spoken by parents, (2) God's Word is shared, (3) gifts are given, and (4) seniors are prayed over. This resource includes everything you'll need to run this moving and memorable event. May you, your students, and their families be blessed as you create space for them to experience the deep love God has for them.

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This Resource Includes:

  • How to use this resource document (Word file)
  • An invitation letter to your seniors (Word file)
  • A PowerPoint file for the event
  • A slides folder with all the pictures used in the PowerPoint so you can build your own (including different title slides if you’d rather call it Senior Blessing or Senior Eulogia) (jpeg files)
  • Complete message manuscript (Word file)
  • A copy of the gift photo you can print for your students (jpeg file)


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"You'll want families to have four to six weeks ahead of the event to get signed up and get you their pictures and stories. You'll also want to print extra gift photos and purchase extra photo frames (sometimes families sign up last minute).  Amazon Shopping List:"

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Todd Pearage

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