Search My Heart Worship Experience

Search My Heart Worship Experience

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5-station reflective worship experience to teenagers to evaluate heart condition


This 5-station experience will take students on a one-on-one time with God. They will take time looking at Scripture and reflecting on their relationship with God. They will have opportunity to nail sins to the cross, raise a white flag of surrender of areas in their life they are holding on to, allow God to transform their heart for others, be reminded how much God loves them, and what loving God looks like in our everyday life.

Start the worship experience with “Search My Heart” and from there students can move through the stations in any order.

Each one of the following stations has a clear, word-for-word description of what each student is supposed to do, read, and experience at each station. All the work is done for you—all you need to do is photocopy and gather a few supplies. It’s also written in editable format in case you want to change anything at each station.

  • Search My Heart
  • Restore My Heart
  • I Surrender My Heart
  • Transform My Heart
  • Love with All My Heart
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    Kim Bowers