Screaming or Fainting Goats

Screaming or Fainting Goats

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Everyone loves goats, but how do you know if a goat is going to scream at you or faint in front of you? Put your students to the test to see if they can tell the difference between a "screaming goat" and a "fainting goat." In this fast-paced video-driven screen game, contestants will have 5 seconds to make their choice which one they feel is the right answer! When you’re ready, play the answer video to watch and laugh as the students discover if they are correct!

This resource would go great with a G.O.A.T. series or it can be used as a fun ice-breaker game.

Please note: There are 8 Screaming Goats and 6 Fainting Goats plus a final goat that faints and screams. By default, the questions are NOT randomized. I would recommend mixing up the questions to fit you play style.

Optional ways to play:
- Invite contestants on stage to battle head to head for points.
- Play last man standing by only letting the first correct contestant stay on the stage.
- Involve the whole group by having students move from one side of the room to the next depending on their answer.
- Have students right down their answers and see who has the most points in the end.
- Just show the videos and laugh as everyone guesses the answers.
- Use one question/answer at a time as a fun and random transition video.

This Resource Includes:
• Video Title Slide
• 15 Question Videos
• 15 Answer Videos
• PowerPoint Presentation w/all Videos embedded and ready to play!


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