Salt & Light Challenge

Salt & Light Challenge

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A commitment to sharing your faith with your friends


Why? Because Jesus lived a perfect life, died for the sins of the world and defeated death. Because most of the people we know don't believe Jesus is the savior we ALL need. Because we will grow closer to God when we talk about him with non-believers.

Sharing your faith with your friends doesn't happen in a single conversation. It's a lifestyle characterized by love. When we love like Jesus, we will have opportunities to talk about him.

The Salt and Light Challenge is a commitment to a process:
PRAY for five friends who don't know Jesus
SERVE them in practical ways
SPEAK UP when the time is right to have a spiritual conversation

This is the resource to help your students share their faith with their friends. Topics include:
  • Getting started
  • Beginning
  • Good News
  • Prayer
  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Words
  • Perspective
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