Rookies: 1 & 2 Timothy & Titus 6-Week Small Group Series

Rookies: 1 & 2 Timothy & Titus 6-Week Small Group Series

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This 6-week small group study takes an in-depth look at 1 & 2 Timothy & Titus with the big idea that students are not the church of tomorrow. God has called them to be servant leaders as a part of the church of today for His glory.


"Rookies” is a jam packed six-week, gospel-centered small group series on the books of 1 & 2 Timothy & Titus. It has everything you need to empower your small group leaders to dive into a deep discussion about servant leadership with their groups. It focuses on teaching students to read and interpret the Bible, yet it is extremely practical and engaging for students!

There is enough content here for a weekly 1+ hour Bible study, or to split it into 12 weeks instead of 6.

Series Big Idea: You are not the church of tomorrow. God has called you to be a servant leader as a part of the church of today for His glory.

Weekly Breakdown:
Week 1: Know God’s Word, False Teachers, Conflict (1 Timothy)
Big Idea: Counterfeit “truths” are everywhere. Know God’s Word and you will be able to lead others to keep the Gospel front and center.

Week 2: Character, Elder/Deacon Qualifications (1 Timothy)
Big Idea: Although our salvation is not based on our performance, God does have standards and expectations for leaders in His church.

Week 3: Soldier, Athlete, Farmer, Persevere in Suffering (2 Timothy)
Big Idea: As a servant leader, your singular focus is pleasing God in whatever you do and wherever you are. Don’t let personal suffering or others' opinions distract you from your mission to love God, love others, and bring God glory.

Week 4: Discipleship, Pass the Baton (2 Timothy)
Big Idea: Begin passing the baton of faith by discipling others now.

Week 5: Doulos/Servant (Titus)
Big Idea: Being a leader is more about serving and humility than it is about being in charge.

Week 6: The Gospel For All, Starting At Home (Titus)
Big Idea: Everyone needs to hear about the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus and it is our job to share it—starting with our families.

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This Resource Includes:

  • Overview Document
  • 6 Small Group Guides including: Goal, Big Idea, Leader Prep, Interpretation Tips, Icebreaker Questions, Bible Study, Plenty of Discussion Questions, Challenge, Prayer Prompts, and Sample Text Messages For Follow Up
  • 6+ Hands-On Activities or Games For Small Groups
  • A Parent Email And Discussion Guide
  • Amazing graphics by Isaac Leimeister

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Pair this Bible study with my "Day & Night" Devotional in the pastoral epistles for a grow-on-your-own element!
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Sabrina Hadro

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