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Redeem your drive time to camp or on a long mission trip road trip with this "Road Trip Origami Chatterbox" to get your students connecting, talking and mingling on the way to your summer trip experience!


Are we there yet? There's nothing worse than your kids screaming at you on a long road trip. Check that. Worse would be them yelling that followed by, "I peed my pants."

But what about those kids in the van who can't be as mean as your own biological kids? What can you give them to calm them down?

Redeem your bus or van ride time to also promote connection with this "Road Trip Origami Chatterbox" resource! It comes complete with eight resources, questions, and activities that include:

  • Play a round of Hangman.
  • Post something and see how many likes you get before we arrive.
  • You and your partner each rank your top 5 camp songs
  • How many presidents can you name?
  • If you had one last meal, what would it be?
  • Play iSpy
  • Take turns impersonating your youth leader (my personal favorite)
  • Find every letter of the alphabet.

Just print and pass these out, and they'll have hours of fun (and potentially clean up, as well, but hey, it's a youth trip, it's going to get messy!)

This Resource Includes:

  • Square image (jpeg file)
  • Full page document with instructions and folding diagram (pdf file)


Note from Author

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If you don't print with a full bleed and have a bit of white on the margins, it's fine, but the pages may not fold as "crisply" or "perfectly." So for you enneagram 1's, just be aware of that.