Rituals Series: Creative Elements

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Rituals Series: Creative Elements is a collection of done-for-you graphic design and video plus a series message starter that will be sure to create an impression on your audience.


For centuries people known as Christians have believed it was possible to connect with the God of the universe. Throughout history they have used specific practices to develop their faith and cultivate a relationship with God. For many, these rituals and practices are outdated and irrelevant. It is time to rediscover forgotten ways and come to find that the Christian faith is not based on a bunch of old, dusty ideals. Knowing God is not about religion, it is about an intimate relationship. It is time to put these rituals and practices in place not to please God, but to know God.

This Resource Includes:

Videos (mov files):
• 76-second sermon bumper
• 5-minute countdown clock
• 90--second motion background

Graphics (jpeg files):
• Title slide (jpeg file)
• Teaching slide (jpeg file)
• Social square (jpeg file)

Teaching Content:
• 1 page message starter: main theme of the series, each week's topic and Scripture (pdf)

Note: This does NOT include a teaching outline or a manuscript. Essentially, you’re getting amazing graphics, and an idea for how you might break a series up into 4 weeks.


Twelve Thirty Media Trevor Miller