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One-off Easter Service with all the creative elements to make the worship experience excellent.


The death of Jesus seemed to be the end of the road for the people of God. But, Jesus did not stay dead. Three days later a miracle happened as He was raised from the grave. Satan’s plans to separate us from God for all eternity were defeated because Jesus had risen! This Series-In-A Box is a full sermon kit perfect for a one-off Easter Sermon Series at your church.

This Resource Includes:

Videos (mov files):
• 76-second sermon bumper
• 5-minute countdown clock
• 3-minute motion background

Graphics (jpeg files):
• Title slide (jpeg file)
• Teaching slide (jpeg file)
• Social square (jpeg file)

Teaching Content:
• Message plan (very detailed outline with four illustration ideas, non-manuscript) (pdf file)
• Small Group Questions (pdf file)

Bumper Video Preview:


Twelve Thirty Media Trevor Miller