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A 3-week series on following God


The Rhythm series is a core series for the foundation of student ministry. It unveils the principles of a rescue in Christ, purpose in Christ and living for Christ. We want students to find a lifetime of rhythm of following God's call for their lives.

Week 1: "Rescue in Christ" Where did I come from? Who am I?
Even though the choice to sin destroyed the rhythm in the Garden of Eden, God didn't walk away. Instead, He went to great lengths to restore the relationship between Him and humanity through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The cross isn't just where Jesus died. It is where we come to die with Him.

Week 2: "Finding Purpose in Christ" - What is my purpose?
We find the wonder in the rescue of Jesus and now we pursue a life of becoming like Christ. We cannot be in rhythm with God or in rhythm with others without learning to be in rhythm with ourselves. After all, as followers of Christ, we are supposed to become less as He becomes more. This week students will explore the things that create tension in their own self-perception and learn the ugly truth: Being in rhythm with ourselves and being in rhythm with God go hand in hand.

Week 3: "Living for Christ" - How should I live?
No person can have a life in rhythm if they are not at peace with the people around them. In the final week of this series we will be challenged to be in rhythm with others, to be passionate about serving those we encounter and to seek forgiveness and reconciliation when needed.

Josh Robinson