Refrigerator Challenge

Refrigerator Challenge

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A fun, interactive game Sidekick 'Wheel of Destiny' game for those who participate and those who laugh at the participants. This game is meant to be played with students in their homes via Zoom or other live-stream meeting.


Doug's note: During quarantine, these type ideas are killer! I love Sidekick because I can add more refrigerator items to his list. I love not starting from scratch. Will play with my JH group for sure.

This game is meant to be played with students in their homes. Select a student to the spin the Refrigerator Challenge Wheel 2-3 times per "volunteer" student. If they have the 2-3 items that are selected, they get a point per item. If they put all the items together and eat/drink their concoction, they get twice the points. If they find someone else in their home to also try their concoction, they get triple the points.

This Resource Includes:
• Sidekick 'Wheel of Destiny' game file
• Title & background slides (jpeg files)

Wheel of Destiny Intro from Download Youth Ministry on Vimeo.


Andrew Floyd