Real or AI: Landscape Edition

Real or AI: Landscape Edition

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AI vs Reality! Are you up for the challenge? Challenge your students to figure out which landscapes are genuine and which are cooked up by AI. This is the ultimate kick-off game or countdown video for your next gathering!


Ready to turn up the fun? With Real or AI – Landscape Edition, your students will be on the edge of their seats, guessing which landscapes are real and which are computer magic. Perfect for kick-starting your weekly programming!

How It Works: In each round, you'll see two pictures of landscapes. Your job? Figure out which one's real and which one's made by a computer. This game is all about getting everyone involved and hyped up!

You can choose to use individual game slides or a cool countdown video, whatever fits your style. Either way, you're in for some serious fun and a little friendly competition.

Ready for some fun and a little competition? Try out Real or AI – Landscape Edition, and let the fun begin!

This Resource Includes:

  • Individual Game Slides
    • Individual (10 Q&A + instructions & 1 tiebreaker) game slides (mp4 files)
    • Complete PowerPoint game file
  • Countdown Video
    • 6 min 17 secs – Countdown Video With Countdown Clock
    • 6 min 17 secs – Countdown Video Without Countdown Clock


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Remember, computer-made images can look very real. Encourage your students to look closely at each image for any small differences or unusual details that might help them spot the AI-generated image. The bragging rights are huge, and so is the fun!
Frank DiRenzo

Frank DiRenzo

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