RE-POST (A Series On Evangelism)

RE-POST (A Series On Evangelism)

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A two-week series on evangelism that looks at why and how students can share their faith with others.


Sharing our faith with others can be anxiety-inducing (to say the least), but this series will help you help your students better understand why we are supposed to share our faith with others and how we can go about doing that in a way that isn't super-weird.

Here’s how the series breaks down:

In week 1, you’ll look at a bunch of reasons why a lot of us don’t share our faith, and then you’ll actually take a closer look at those reasons and realize that they actually don’t hold up.

And in week 2, you’ll help your students try to see things from the point of view of the disciples that were standing on the hill with Jesus 2000 years ago as He gave the great commission. And then you’ll talk about how your students can take steps to do exactly what those disciples did.

So that’s basically it. Week 1 focuses on why we share, and week 2 focuses on how we share.

• Week 1 - Why not??
• Week 2 - ...But How??

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This Resource Includes:

  • Word-for-word teaching guides
  • Bumper Video (.mp4)
  • Series Graphics & Blank Slides
  • Square and Tall Series Graphics for Social Media
  • Lower-Third Graphics For Video
  • Small group questions

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