Re-Pete: A Study in 2 Peter

Re-Pete: A Study in 2 Peter

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Re-Pete is a 4-week Bible study in the book of 2 Peter. It is complete with teaching manuscripts, small group discussion guides, graphics, and PowerPoint slides for all four lessons. It covers the main teaching points of 2 Peter.


Re-Pete is a four-week study in the book of 2 Peter and is a sequel to my "Simon Says" series.  Peter is "Re-Pete-ing" some core teachings to his fellow Christians one last time, as God has revealed to him that his time on earth is limited.  These core teachings are worth repeating for all Christians.

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This Resource Includes:

  • Class Overview
  • Teaching Manuscripts
  • Small Group Guides
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Graphics

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I recommend using this in your Sunday school or Wednesday night Bible class. You can also use it as a small group material.
Joshua Morris

Joshua Morris

JD loves pizza, lock-ins, Bible camp, and messing up slang words on purpose. He dominates 12-year-olds in ping pong and basketball in order to "build relationships" so they'll listen to his lessons. He has forgotten every bit of Greek from college.