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In this Sidekick 'Pick Me' game, students compete to produce the best drawing. Works great in a season of online ministry with a platform like Zoom!


This Sidekick 'Pick Me' game is designed for an online streaming youth ministry scenario, like Zoom. It allows you to have your entire group compete against one another in a series of drawing contests that are timed and can have twists if you choose.

Have all the students grab some paper and a pen or pencil. The rules are simple: they must draw a picture of the item that appears once the 'Pick Me' generator stops.

Have a time limit set for each round (5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec, etc). The less time that is given, the worse the drawings will be... which is the point of the game.

20 items are pre-loaded; use your own creativity and add more!

To switch things up, use the following twists during certain rounds:
• Use your non-writing hand
• Close your eyes and draw
• Use your foot instead of your hand
• Place the paper on top of your head and draw

Tally the points and give a prize to the final winner or give out individual prizes each round.

This Resource Includes:
• Sidekick 'Pick Me' game file
• Title and background slides (jpeg files)

Pick Me Intro from Download Youth Ministry on Vimeo.

Matt Baker

Matt Baker

Campus Pastor at Hope City Church in Edmonton, AB, and aspiring WWE Champion (not really).