Push or Pull

Push or Pull

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How much does it cost on Amazon.com?


This game, inspired by “The Price is Right,” will challenge students to see if they can guess the cost of certain items. The gameplay is simple (although it may take a moment to explain to students!)… students see a set of items “frequently purchased together” from Amazon.com. They will also see numbers, representing the price—however there is one extra number (either at the front or the back). Their job is to ‘push’ the numbers into the highlighted box, or ‘pull’ them in.

This is a great game to play when talking about the cost of something (like following Jesus) or even just around Christmastime. The game can be either a simple slide-driven game, or you can make use of the 10 answer videos showing the numbers being pushed or pulled to reveal the right price.

This resource includes:
• PowerPoint game – .jpg slides only
• How to Play instructions
• Ten (10) .mp4 video answers
• Twenty (20) .jpg question and answer slides

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Ken Leslie