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Roll the dice to either WIN a prize or LOSE - and get a pumpkin pie to the face. This play on words from the fall phenomenon of making everything "Pumpkin Spice" is a fun way to engage with your students either all at once or throughout your evening/event.


Are you looking for a fun way to SPICE up your youth ministry? Then Pumpkin Diced is perfect for you. 

This fun game is a play on the word ""Pumpkin Spice"", and is perfect for engaging with your students and getting them moving/cheering/laughing. 

Your students with take turns (all at once OR throughout the night - up to you) rolling a pair of dice to see if they will win a prize or have to take a pumpkin pie to the face. 

We recommend maybe a couple of $5 Starbucks gift cards as the prizes in order to keep it on the theme, and maybe a grand prize for the final toss/grand finale. 

The slides are ordered from "LEAST likely to be rolled" to "MOST likely to be rolled", so that whoever is running the slides can select a number depending on how likely you want it to be for someone to roll that number. 

Another variation would be to give your student 3 tosses per turn if you would like them to be more likely to win than to lose.

This Resource Includes:

  • Title Slide (jpg)
  • Instructions slide (jpg) 
  • 11 Question Slides for everyone's rolls (jpg)
  • 1 WIN slide
  • 1 LOSE slide
  • Amazon link to purchase jumbo inflatable dice


Saunders Greg

Saunders Greg

Greg has volunteered in ministry for about 10 years and believes that fun is an important part of building relationships with students.