Project Restored

Project Restored

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A 4-week course on how to handle, heal, and help teens through crisis issues.


Today’s teenagers face real struggles—abuse, suicide, self-harm, addiction, sexual pressures, family dysfunction, bullying, relationship breakdowns and more.

This four-week guide provides insight and detailed guidance for pastors, parents, youth workers, and small groups leaders who desire to see teens find restoration, hope & healing in Jesus.

Key Features:
• Message Outlines
• Scripture References
• Hands-On Exercises
• Suggested Video Clips
• Ministry Moments
• Crisis Resource Guide

Weekly Lessons:
• State of a Generation (Creating Awareness)
• “I Have This friend…” (Building Openness)
• Stress, Mess, and Conflict (Offering Equipping)
• Paging God (Highlighting Involvement)

This Resource Includes:
• Complete series leader content in one pdf file
• Individual lesson talk sheets in pdf files
• Individual lesson talk sheets in Word file version for self-editing

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Cassandra Smith