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A two-week series on the Parable of the Lost Son from Luke 15 that focuses on how we are all like both sons in the story.


PRODIGALS is a two-week series on the Parable of the Lost Son from Luke 15.

Week 1 focuses on the younger son, and invites students to "come home" to a God whose love is bigger than their mistakes.

Week 2 focuses on the older son, and shows students that trying to be perfect will separate them from God just like their sins.

The good news is that God is inviting both of these sons to join the party, and your students will be challenged and encouraged by this series!

Are you looking for two weeks of solid programming that will speak to a wide range of students? PRODIGALS is a dynamic, two-week series based on the Parable of the Lost Son in Luke 15 that will challenge students who are living away from God AND students who think of themselves as the "good kids."

This Resource Includes:

  • Two 1800-word teaching scripts
  • Small group guides for both weeks,
  • A complete graphics package with teaching slides and social media content.

Tim Wildsmith

I'm a pastor, writer, and musician from Nashville, TN.