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THANK YOU for being a friend! Or a Leader, Pastor, Parent, or just for being you! Do you need a Thanksgiving activity for your youth group or small group? These printable cards can be a great way to give thanks to anyone in your life! 🦃


🦃 The leaves are falling, your students are gearing up for Thanksgiving break, and you need a Thanksgiving youth group activity. Look no further! Printable Thanksgiving Cards can be used as a service element, a small group activity, or way for your staff to thank your volunteers.

🦃 These printable cards have different prompts for: Friend, Leader, Pastor, Parents, Grandparents, Brother, Sister, Guardian, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Teacher, Coach, and just for being in my life! It also comes with 3 different verses on the back side of the card, or blank in case you wanted to write your own verse in there.

🦃 These cards are 5.5 by 4.5 inches and can be printed from your own printer!

This Resource Includes 

  • Printable Thanksgiving Cards with 17 different Name prompts (.pdf, .jpg)
  • Printable Thanksgiving Cards with 3 different Bible Verses (.pdf, .jpg)
Amanda Freeman

Amanda Freeman

Amanda worked in youth ministry for 7 years in Orange County, teaching students how to use their creativity to serve. She now leads a 6th grade lifegroup & loves to create DYM content!