Priceless: A DNOW Study

Priceless: A DNOW Study

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Priceless is a four-lesson Disciple Now study based on Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well in John 4:1–30. It is 100 percent digitally downloadable and includes everything you need to have a great DNow event.


Why Priceless?

Everyone struggles to grasp their real value and where that value comes from, especially students. We miss the point that our worth is tied to our maker. Because of this, students use all sorts of defense mechanisms to make themselves valuable in other ways. Maina Mwara, a 23-year youth ministry veteran, noticed that this often means students get trampled on, squeezed out, and put down by other “Christian” students who should know better. These students try to earn their value through judgment, one-upmanship, and by using condescending Christianese. They move their peers farther and farther away from the Church through spiritual bullying.

That’s why Maina decided to develop Priceless. It’s a powerful Disciple Now (DNow) study that will help students recognize their own value in God’s family so they can start seeing it in others. With that foundation, students will start moving past the spiritual abuse their insecurities create. More than that, they’ll learn to invite back in students who have been pushed to the margins, cherishing them as priceless children of God. The curriculum is written to help grow the faith of committed believers while also offering opportunities for non-Christian students to understand the gospel and to make a commitment to follow Jesus as Lord.

What is Priceless?

Priceless is a four-lesson DNow study that is 100 percent digitally downloadable. It includes everything you need for a great DNow event. When you purchase Priceless, you will immediately receive access to all the Priceless content online. You can always log in to your account and access the content. Priceless can easily be modified for a three-lesson event as well.

What’s Included?

4 Large Group Talks/Sermons – .doc format so they are fully editable
4 Small Group Lessons – Small Group Leader Guides and Student Guides – .doc and .pdf formats
4 Downloadable Student Devotions – .pdf format
Parent Guide – formatted so you can add in event-specific information
Planning Guide – with 3-lesson or 4-lesson options
Experiential activities for each lesson
Background notes and extra help for Small Group Leaders
T-Shirt Art – Print your own t-shirts; we give you the artwork
PowerPoint artwork
11×17 poster graphics
Large banner art
Social media graphics

What are the Lesson Topics in Priceless? 

1) On the Outside: Students will identify what makes someone an outsider and why some people are forced to the fringes of community by looking at the story of the woman at the well. From there, students will begin to identify who the outsiders are in their own communities so they can begin to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and reach out to them.

2) Invite them In: Students will learn how to engage those who have been excluded and harmed through the misuse of God’s truth. Jesus’ interaction with the Samaritan woman is an excellent example of how to embrace the interruptions of other people into our lives, looking beyond social stigmas, past actions, and basic differences. Students will discover how to make the first move in bringing someone back into community.

3) In Her Shoes: In a world that leans toward self-preservation and self-centeredness, students will learn how to put themselves in others’ shoes and empathize with those who are different. They will discover that we serve a Savior who not only put himself in our shoes, but who also offers grace that we all need.

4) The Great Invitation: Students will be introduced to the healing and transformation that Jesus brings to his followers. This kind of transformation compels us to share him with others, love what he loves, and value what he values. Jesus was the only one who could heal the Samaritan woman’s brokenness, and he’s the only one who can heal those who are broken and on the outside today.

The price is so low; what’s the catch?

Priceless is only $99 no matter how many students you have or how big (or small) your church budget is. There is no annual license or subscription fee; you have access to the content for life. LeaderTreks has been producing content like this for 20 years. We know what works and what you need. We don’t cut corners.


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