Prayer and Praise – Grow

Prayer and Praise – Grow

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A five-week devotional study to help your students grow spiritually.


GROW is a 5-week series that can be used for mid-week meetings or weekend meetings, for large and small groups. It can serve as a way to build a student worship band, as it allows the band to play as much or as little as necessary. If you do not have a worship band, Spotify or an equivalent can be used to provide background music and guide in worship.

The purpose of Prayer and Praise is to help students build independent spiritual disciplines by guiding them through praying individually, one-on-one with a partner, and in front of a group. They also spend time studying scripture and praising God through prayer and song.

The idea is that doing this series will build comfort in spending time alone with God, develop accountability with other believers, and will draw “crowd” and “congregation” students into being “committed” students.

This series helps students overcome their fear of praying in front of a group and allows them to become comfortable talking with God.

This Resource Includes:
Includes a 5-week series with teaching content and logo.


Trey Hathcock