Powerhouse Small Group Series

Powerhouse Small Group Series

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A 4-week small group series about going all-in for Jesus, using the example of five "powerhouse" women from the Bible.


Editor's note: Another excellent resource from Sabrina Hadro!

Powerhouse is about going all-in for Jesus. It’s a refusal to give in to the status quo and a call to step up to the challenge of living for God in a world that does not acknowledge His Lordship. It’s both a battle cry and a humble acknowledgement of our Holy Spirit dependence. As we examine the accounts of five “powerhouse” women in the Bible, students will be inspired and equipped to set the tone wherever they go: in their love for God, their passion, their humility, their discipline, and their overall leadership. We’re inviting students to be “powerhouses” for God’s kingdom.

Week 1: Deborah & Jael
Scriptures: Judges 4
Activity: Powerhouse Application Handout

Week 2: Mary Magdalene
Scriptures: Luke 8:1–3, John 20:11–18, Matthew 27:55–56
Activity: Writing Your Testimony Guide

Week 3: Anna the Prophetess
Scriptures: Luke 2:22–38
Activity: Devotion/Prayer Stations

Week 4: Priscilla (and Aquila)
Scriptures: Acts 18:1–4, Acts 18:18–26, Romans 16:3, 1 Corinthians 16:19, 2 Timothy 4:19
Activity: Small Group Leverage Project

This Resource Includes:
• An overview document
• 4 ready-to-give-to-your-leaders small group guides (Includes: series goal, weekly goal, leader reminders and tips, ice breakers, starter questions, Bible study, application questions, a practical hands-on activity, supply/print list, a practical Bible-reading challenge (S.O.A.P.), prayer prompter, a series memory verse, and a sample text message for follow up). •High-quality graphics (title, weekly social media, png, and blank slides)


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Sabrina Hadro

Sabrina Hadro

Sabrina has been doing youth ministry in various sized churches, roles, and denominations for the last 15 years. Right now her first job is momma to 3 little kids under 6 years old but she still loves discipling teenagers and creating resources to help other youth workers win! You can find all her DYM resources here: https://www.downloadyouthministry.com/featured-authors/sabrina-hadro/