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Challenge the "weight" your students think is heavier in this outrageously hilarious game of bacon, sumo wrestlers, celebrities, and more!


Doug's note: This may be one of my favorite new games. So clever.

Don’t be a weight watcher! Be a weight guesser in “Pound for Pound”: a creative screen game where students will be challenged to guess the weight of the characters/objects shown.

Have you ever wondered how much 3,000 slices of bacon weighs? How about a sumo wrestler riding on top of a Hummer? All of the homework for this game has been done using REAL weight averages found on the internet. We’ve crunched the numbers, set the scales, and prepared a game for your group to enjoy!

Each round, two different scales holding two completely different groupings of random people / objects will appear and participants need to guess which side weighs more.

Gameplay options:
• Crowd Game - Everyone for themselves (vote by holding up “1 finger” or “2 fingers”)
• THIS or THAT style - Split room into two and have everyone cast their vote by moving to that side of the room
• Stage Game - invite people on stage to voice their opinion publicly (kick off the losers if they’re wrong)

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint game file
• Individual (10 Q&A + instructions + tiebreaker) game slides (jpeg files)
• Title slide (jpeg file)


Brock Odell


John Lindsey