Poser Chicken Vs. Cow

Poser Chicken Vs. Cow

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A Sidekick 'Photo Fury' classic Poser game with a farm animal twist in the ultimate battle: chicken vs. cow. It's UDDERly ridiculous and fun!


A Sidekick 'Photo Fury' classic Poser game with a farm animal twist! Chicken and the cow battle it out with their perspective signature moves. Students will think this game is aMOOsing and EGGciting!

How to Play: Poser is a crowd game! Before you begin the game, have everyone stand up and make sure they're arm's distance away from the people around them. One by one, show a pose slide and demonstrate it on stage. Once you've gone through each of the 8 poses, explain the rules to your students.

Spin the graphics and it'll land on one slide. Anyone matching the pose on the screen is out and must sit down. Go back to the graphic of all 8 poses as the losers sit down.

Continue doing this until you've slimed it down to about two constants. Bring them on stage for the Lightning Round. Have them study the graphic with all 8 poses. Explain that they won't be able to look at it again and that there will be no countdown. The first one to mess up or do the same pose as the graphic on the screen will be out!

This Resource Includes:
• Sidekick 'Photo Fury' game file
• Individual (8 poses + winner + loser) game slides (jpeg files)
• Title slide (jpeg file)


Chris Hurt


Brittany Green