Popular Streaming Service and Chill

Popular Streaming Service and Chill

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A game about a popular streaming service - and it's chill.


We can’t legally use the word Netflix, so there’s that …

Take your Fall Kickoff to the next level with this incredible game!

First, sign up for Josh’s programming like a PRO online course for FREE, then download this game for FREE. How does DYM actually make any money? No one knows, but here we are.

This game has all sorts of potential – honestly, it’s a simple game but here’s the win: Play the game with 2 contestants and 2 large buckets of ice water. Now, play nice, not too much ice, or the game will be so painful it won’t be fun. But just the right amount of suffering takes it to the next level. If you get a question wrong – you stand in the ice water until you get it right or the other contestant gets it wrong. Alternate until someone can’t take it anymore or the game is over.

It’ll be hilarious for everyone to watch them squirm and squeal in pain or delight. Maybe even use a Netflix gift card or something as the prize. Super easy wins.

It’s FREE. It’s fantastic. And it’s free. Let’s redeem the phrase, “Netflix and Chill” with this epic new twist on a game courtesy of DYM.

This Resource Includes: 

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  • 10 Q&A Slides (jpg) 
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DYM Team

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