Pick 5: Volume 2

Pick 5: Volume 2

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More scenarios, more top 5 lists, more crazy fun in this sequel to the Pick 5 small group competition!


The very clever and popular “Pick 5” is back with 10 more scenarios to break students down into small groups, get them talking and have a fun competition in the process

Here's how it works: 1. Break the larger group into teams. 2. Each round, teams get a scenario (ex. You can travel to any 5 countries in the world). 3. They then have time to discuss and pick 5 answers. 4. After picking five, a scoring system is revealed that awards (or subtracts) team points based on team decisions (Ex. Stars with A-M = +1, Starts with N-Z = -4). 5. 10 rounds of scenarios. Most points at the end wins!

More interested in the conversation? Just use the question slides as discussion starters and don't turn it into a competition.

What's included:

    • Complete PowerPoint game file
    • Title slide jpeg
    • 10 Q & A slides each


Derry Prenkert