Parent Ministry: Conversation Starter Kit

Parent Ministry: Conversation Starter Kit

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As you think of being intentional about other adults in your kids’ lives, consider four types of adults who can influence your kids in a positive way.
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Conversation is the glue that makes connection happen. Deep down inside we all want to know and be known by others, and talking is absolutely crucial to healthy relationships.

So, in a world where emojis and texts have replaced real words and expressions, how can we connect through conversations in our home? 


In this Communication Kit, you will find a number of tools and resources to better help you engage with your family. You will find a brief purpose and summary of the resource and tips to use it. 

For more parenting resources like this, check out Our prayer is that your family will use this kit to bolster a sense of family identity and create an environment of love, acceptance, and belonging. 



This Resource Includes:

  • PDF (18 pages)
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