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This screen-driven game is simple: Find a partner. View the sound effect on screen. Yell it out. Whoever yells first wins. Ties are won by whoever yelled loudest.


Have you been sitting around trying to figure out how to get your teens to make MORE noise during youth events? We got you!

This game is simple, loud, and a lot of fun.

Students find a partner. Then, you throw a ridiculous word on the screen (like "Spooooompf!" or "Fargooooen!") and the kids yell it in each other's faces. Whoever yells first (or loudest if it's a tie) gets a point. And then they all find a new partner.

Yes, it is as dumb as it sounds – and also super genius.

Includes various presentation options.

This Resource Includes:

  • Sidekick 'Photo Fury' game file
  • Complete PowerPoint file
  • Individual (15 rounds + instructions) game slides (jpeg files)
  • Title slide (jpeg file)


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There's are 15 words in the game but duplicate the slides and mix them up as students will never get tired of yelling "VWORP!" at that kid they just met. You play this game "elimination-style" where the person who yells it slower is out.
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