On the Spot Sports

On the Spot Sports

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20 “on-the-spot” games for your students to get in the Olympic spirit!


Get your students into the Olympic spirit with “On-The-Spot Sports.” This resource includes 20 mini-games that require little to no prep (hence “on-the-spot”). For a little showmanship, we’ve included not only 20 game title slides but 20 ‘randomized’ video clips. Each clip corresponds to an “on-the-spot” game. This gives the illusion that the games are completely random (although they are not and you control which games are played and which ones aren’t).

The resource can be used in multiple ways. Our favorite ways are:

- Full Night Program. For the entire night, you can divide students into teams and have them compete through these mini-games. Keep score of the winners of each game and crown a winning team by the end of the night.

- Play through the month. You can easily play 1-3 mini-games throughout the month. You can do these as stand-alone games with stand-alone winners, or divide your group into teams and play throughout the month. If you keep score week to week, you can crown a champ when you’ve played all of the games.

This Resource Includes:
• 20 mini-games with game play instructions
• 20 ‘randomized’ video files (1920 x 1080 pixels)
• 21 JPEG slides (1920 x 1080)
• Title slide
• 20 game slides
• Powerpoint File (editable)


Ken Mcintyre