Not So With You

Not So With You

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A 4-part series on Jesus' countercultural call to use our power, words, energy, and influence for the kingdom.


Editor Note: I am very impressed with the content here. Messages are thorough and very well thought out. Small group questions are great. You can tell that a ton of time and effort went into this.  

Not So With You is a four-part series focusing on the importance of those four words in our lives. Our culture has a way of convincing us to use power, words, energy, and influence for personal gain and advantage, but for followers of Jesus, He says, "Not so with you." Followers of Jesus live by a different set of values that determine what we do with our power, words, energy, and influence. They also see maturity through a different set of markers. 

This series addresses the ways the world views power, words, energy, and influence in contrast to what Jesus and the Bible have to say about what we do with those aspects of our lives. Each part of the series highlights different behaviors in our culture that are not consistent with the way of Jesus, including sexism, racism, bullying, and sexual integrity. It also redefines and elevates maturity, not by outward appearances, but inward character. 

The gospel of Jesus confronts these issues in our lives and cultures and offers a better and transformative way forward. 

These are the topics our students are facing in their lives, relationships, homes, schools, and online. If the church fails to show them the way of Jesus, where will they go and how will they know?

  • Part 1 looks at Jesus' teaching in Matthew 20:20–28 about using power not to control, but to serve.
  • Part 2 surveys Scriptures from the Old and New Testament, from Proverbs 18:21 to James 3:5–6, 9–10, about how we should use our words not to devalue, but to honor.
  • Part 3 focuses on defining the differences between sex and love based on Matthew 22:36–39 and 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. We have all been given energy (sexual nature), but we will not use it to consume, but to love.
  • Part 4 is all about influence and using it not for evil but for good. This based on Romans 12:9–21 and applied specifically to how we use our influence in the areas of race, relationships with the opposite sex, masculinity, and time.

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This Resource Includes: 

  • Series Overview
  • Four teaching manuscripts
  • Four small group discussion guides


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1. Use the illustrations, don't just talk about them 2. The series covers some sensitive topics including: sexism, bullying, sexual integrity, and racism. These are hot topics, and it would be wise to be prayerful and clear with your boss, the parents, and volunteers about the topics you cover. Also be prepared for difficult questions and conversation that this series may stir up.
Todd Lesher

Todd Lesher

Todd Lesher has been involved in youth ministry for over 20 years. He serves at a local church in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. He enjoys writing message and small group content for youth groups but struggles to write personal bios.