No-Prep Games Bundle

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A bundle of games that are plug-and-play, easy to run, no prep winners!


Looking for games that you can add to your program in a pinch? Look no further! These are some of the DYM Community's favorite, tried-and-true winners that require very little prep on your part, available to you with one click! Hand one of these to a new volunteer, snag one a few minutes before youth group, or have them on hand for a busy week where you don't have extra time to prep! You'll love how easy these games are to run and how they'll make you look like a pro!

  • Crowd Charades, Volume 2 by Tim Wildsmith: A simple game where contestants must guess the answer as the ENTIRE audience acts it out silently.
  • Extreme Row Makeover by Joshua Burks: Extreme Row Makeover takes each row of chairs and makes them a team. Then the rows will compete by racing to organize themselves to the specifications mentioned on the screen. First team (row) to sit down in the right order wins the point for that round. This is perfect for getting your whole group involved and active in one game. Game requires meeting area with seating in rows.
  • 5 Second Challenge by Travis Hayes: A high energy, up front, race against time game. A great way to get the crowd laughing! Contestants will be presented with different types of challenges. These challenges must be completed within 5-seconds. Challenges range from "name 5 things that are orange" to "give CPR to an inanimate object."
  • Think Quick by David Rutledge: A fun and fast screen game where participants must think of words that begin and end with two displayed letters. Works great as a small group game or as an upfront game. Break your students into small groups and give them 30 seconds to come up with as many words as they can, or bring two people up front and see who can find a word the fastest. 
  • Famous Phrases Emoji Edition by Alex Hall and Andrew Randolph: This is a game that puts its participants emoji knowledge to the test! Some of the questions are 'a piece of cake' while others might come as more of a challenge. Each question is a familiar phrase that is depicted with emojis. The participants' job is to be the first to figure out what the phrase is.


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