Famous Phrases - Emoji Edition

Famous Phrases - Emoji Edition

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This is a super fun up-front game! It challenges participants to think quick using their emoji skills!


This is a game that puts it's participants emoji knowledge to the test! Some of the questions are 'a piece of cake' while others might come as more of a challenge. Each question is a familiar phrase that is depicted with emojis. The participants' job is to be the first to figure out what the phrase is.

One way we played the game was to bring a handful of students on to the stage and the first one to raise their hand and answer correctly wins a prize.

This Resource Includes:
• 10 Question Slides (.jpeg)
• 10 Answer Slides (.jpeg)
• 1 Hint Slide (.jpeg)
• Instruction Slide (.jpeg)
• Title Slide (.jpeg)
• 1 Powerpoint version of the Game

NOTE: This game was originally part of the 20 Games for $20 Bundle during 2019's Gold Rush Week, a deal available exclusively to DYM Gold Members!


Alex Hall


Andrew Randolph