Nextflix: Halloween Movies

Nextflix: Halloween Movies

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A fun screen-based movie trivia game that will encourage students to guess what the classic Halloween movie is based on the clues given on the screen.


This is more than your average screen-based movie trivia game. The pressure is higher to guess earlier for more points at the risk of being completely wrong. Nextflix gives you the year and the genre of the movie. Then, display various clues (cast, characters, quote and plot, respectfully) are shown to help your students guess the movie. The game includes descriptive instructions to play, either as an upfront game or as a large group divided into teams. Additionally, answer sheets you can print, cut, and then handout to your students are provided. This game will be a blast for your whole group!

This Resource Includes:
• Individual (10 Q&A with four clues for each Q + tiebreaker) game slides (jpeg files)
• Game instructions document (Word file)
• Printable answer sheet for the students (pdf file)
• Powerpoint file


Frank Gil