New to DYM? A Starter Bundle

New to DYM? A Starter Bundle

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Are you new to DYM? We're so excited for you! We've put together a collection of resources for your weekly program to get you started on all that DYM has to offer.


Shopping the DYM site can be overwhelming, and especially so if you're a new to youth ministry! With so many incredible resources to browse it can be tough to know where to begin. We get it! 

That's why we asked a few seasoned DYM Members we know a question: "If you had a friend JUST start a youth ministry position, what are the first handful of resources you'd want them to have?"

Here's what our DYM members and friends suggested for a bundle to give new youth workers a taste of DYM in building important elements of a weekly program: 

  • Roles and Goals Time Management Tool by Doug Fields - We HAD to include this! One youth worker said: "I have copy-and-pasted the link to this resource and sent it to more youth workers than I can count. This resource is perfect for new youth workers or anyone that struggles with time management or ministry balance. Ever since I read about this system of Doug's years ago, I have had my five main roles on my desk to help me remember my objectives when I'm laying out my week." - Allison
  • Games That are Plug-and-Play Winners: Crowd Charades Vol 3 and Nailed or Failed Cat Edition - We chose a "Crowd Charades" game and a "Nailed it or Failed It" game for this bundle. Both are easy to understand and to play, and they are hit series on the DYM site (so there's more where that came from if your students love them!). The first will get your whole audience involved and moving as a "reverse charades" style game, and the second is hilarious, creating great energy. 
  • A Message Series: Metamorphosis - We chose a 3-week teaching resource about spiritual growth authored by Sabrina Hadro called Metamorphosis. Sabrina is a beloved DYM author, known for her well-formatted, easy-to-use content that often comes with a ton of extra goodies. This one even comes with two screen games! In Doug's words: "Sabrina constantly creates quality content for our DYM audience. She is a great writer who understands communicating with teenagers. If you haven't used Sabrina's material you're missing out."
  • A Video Pack: Sunset Music Visualization Countdowns - There are a lot of great ways videos can aid your program, from creating the right energy and tone for your service to smoothing your transitions and communicating truth in a compelling visual medium to supplement your message. For this starter pack, we chose a package of great countdown videos you can use before your service to let students know when you're going to begin and setting an anticipatory mood to kick off the time you'll have together. 


The total value of the resources included in this bundle is over $33! This is just a start - there are so many incredible resources on the DYM site made by youth workers like you. We can't wait for you to discover them all, and we are so honored to be part of your journey in youth ministry! 

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