Napoleon Dynamite Interactive Movie Experience

Napoleon Dynamite Interactive Movie Experience

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Having a hard time keeping your students engaged in a movie? Need something to do when it rains at camp? This is the download for you!


Doug's note: Allison is a genius. I love this idea… but, this is also one of my top 10 movies too. Fun and funny.

This resource takes a movie event to the next level. Instead of just watching the movie, "Napoleon Dynamite," your students will interact with it. They will yell at the screen, dance, throw marshmallows and more!

This is the perfect resource to use for a fun movie night event or to have ready to go for that inevitable rain delay at your next camp or retreat. Don't forget to pack some tots and chapstick!

This Resource Includes:
• A complete guide to everything you need to know about this event (Word file)
• Student prompt sheet (Word file)


Allison Williams