Name It Claim It

Name It Claim It

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In "Name It Claim It," start the generator and the participant names a prize. If the generator lands on the prize they named, they get to claim it!


This is a fun Sidekick 'Pick Me' game to bring some excitement to your youth gatherings. Included are 12 prize options (editable to suit your own choice of prizes). Bring up a student (or go into the crowd) and tell them their prize options. Start the generator and have them name a prize that they heard from the options. Have them yell 'stop' to stop the generator. If the prize they named is on the screen when the generator stops, then they get to claim it.

Start with just a few prize options (you can hide the ones you don't need in edit mode). This gives a better chance for students to win.

You also have the option of making certain prizes 'unlikely' to win.

When a student actually wins, the entire room goes crazy with excitement!

This Resource Includes: 

  • Sidekick 'Pick Me' game file
  • Title and background slides (jpeg files)

Note from Author

About this Product
This is definitely a hype game so make sure your game host has the mic skills to get your crowd excited!

Matt Baker