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A one-off message on Acts 2:41–47, challenging students to make youth group a welcoming community.


Doug's note: I've written this on other Sabrina messages--she's real good at crafting messages. Super solid and easy to use! Great deal!

The goal of “My People” is to have a family talk with your students, centered around Acts 2:41–47 and what it means to be a “fellowship” or “community.” It’s a simple vision-casting message to refocus their hearts on making youth group a place where people can belong. Students often need to belong before they believe. This is a challenge for students to step up and make your church a place where they can say, “These are my people!”

You'll also give your students a chance to evaluate how well they think your youth group is doing with making others feel like they belong and how they can step up and make it more like a family.

This Resource Includes:
• Overview Document
• 2,500+ Word teaching script
• Teaching outline
• Small group guide
• Game ideas
• Worship set Ideas
• Comprehensive graphics package and social media integration plan
• Student evaluation and handout


Sabrina Hadro

I like Jesus, my hubs, my babies, and leading teenagers to Jesus.