My Dad is Smarter Than Your Dad

My Dad is Smarter Than Your Dad

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A hilarious up-front game-show where three or four kids get their dads on the phone to participate in a live competition!
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Groups of any size love this competition where kids don't have to know anything... but their dad's phone number! Dads compete over the phone to answer trivia questions about the good ol' days.

The instructions are simple. Pre-arrange with three or four kids and their dads to make a phone call during the game. When game time begins, bring the kids up on stage with their cell phones and have them each dial dad and put the phone on speaker. Quickly interview each dad, putting the mic to the phone. Ask them if they have anything they’d like to share about their kid while everyone is listening… then finally ask them are they ready to answer questions about THEIR OWN childhood!

All the questions are about the 80’s, a decade most of today’s dads remember pretty well!

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint game file
• 10 question/answer gameplay slides
• Title Slide


Jonathan McKee