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Engage students in-room & online with Munch Madness! Brackets, ready-to-go Instagram posts, game slides, and more!


Looking for a way to engage students in the room AND on Instagram? This game is a winner! Combine the excitement that comes from filling out a tournament bracket with the common knowledge of junk food and sprinkle in some online engagement and you have the perfect way to entertain your students for multiple weeks. 

Kick off Munch Madness at your weekly gathering by having students predict the winners on their brackets and vote through the first round. THEN play the next 2 rounds on Instagram throughout the week to keep students engaged. Cap the event with the Chompionship Round at your weekly gathering with the whole group. 

If you are a Canva user, the possibilities for this game are endless. I included Canva links for easy edits and adjustments in the ""Start Here"" document. 

This Resource Includes:

  • Printable Brackets
  • Logos
  • Brackets for Instagram Stories
  • Hype Posts for Instagram
  • ""How to Play"" Document with Canva Links 
  • Game Slides for In-Person Play


Note from Author

About this Product
Create a free Canva account and use the links to edit the slides. This game can be played with everything I included BUT is so much better if you take the time to make the edits. Plus you can swap the snacks in the bracket year after year to keep it fresh.
Garrett Levault

Garrett Levault

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