Movie Mashup

Movie Mashup

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A hilarious game of guessing mashed up movie clues.


Have you ever put two DVDs in a microwave and wondered what would happen? (WARNING, THIS IS JUST A HYPOTHETICAL, DO NOT ATTEMPT) Probably an explosion… OF AWESOMENESS!

In this unique and fun game, Movie Mashup presents you with the plot description of two different movies combined into one. The contestants have to figure out the mashed-up movie’s title. The answer is always two complete movie titles mashed together! Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince + Prince of Egypt = Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince of Egypt! Snow White + White House Down? You guessed it, Snow White House Down! [You may need to see it to really understand… but, trust us, it’s clever and fun.]

With stunning Photoshopped movie posters and hilarious plot descriptions, you will have your audience whispering and contestants pulling their hair out as they try to figure out the titles! This is a great game to play with teams, around tables, with an entire audience, or with individuals. HHIOM.

What’s included:
Epic, 13-second intro video
PowerPoint version of the game
76 JPEG slides: title slide, 15 question slides, 15 answer slides, 45 hint slides

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DYM Team

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