Mountain to Valley Weekend Retreat

Mountain to Valley Weekend Retreat

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Everything you need to a plan and execute a weekend retreat on keeping your faith strong.


Editor’s note: This is truly a comprehensive resource. It's very well done and stocked with all kinds of instructions, and the teaching sessions are well-written.

Camps and retreats are notorious for being "mountaintop" experiences, where students experience a spiritual high that quickly fades when they literally head down the mountain. But does it have to be this way? Drawing on stories from Jesus' life, you'll spend three days discovering how students can keep a passionate faith from mountain to valley, regardless of where they are.

For our Student Ministry, Mountain to Valley is targeted for a mixture of middle school and high school students, but it could work for just one group or the other. The retreat features four worship and teaching sessions with various games sprinkled throughout.

This Resource Includes:
• Four main session messages
• PowerPoint files for each message
• Game lists and ideas
• Parent/info letter/sheet
• Supply lists
• Session schedules
• Camp rules (slides)
• Worship sets
• Complete Graphics Package (Branding, Logo, Slides, Vector Files)

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