Mountain Lenten Devotional

Mountain Lenten Devotional

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An Easter and Lent devotional that includes seven group Bible Studies and 40 days worth of devotions.


Editor's note: This is a really solid resource! The author is a youth pastor in a United Methodist setting, but the content is versatile enough that it could be easily edited to fit any denomination. Overall, it's excellent.

Often when we think about Easter, we think about gospel music and celebrations, and accepting candy from strange Easter bunnies. But Easter is actually a really serious time of the year—when we think about the way that Jesus lived His life and how He died for us.

This booklet will help your students process all that. It will help them decide to give something up, as well as help them take up a new practice: daily devotions!

This Mountain Lenten Devotional includes seven lessons designed for students to do on their own or as Bible Study in a group, five weekly devotionals to dig further into the discussion, and a day of "rest" that can be used for sermon notes or whatever else comes along.

The mountain theme talks about what it means to have "spiritual highs" and also confronts what to do when we have lows in our life, as well. While the devotional is geared toward middle schoolers, it is designed to be fully customizable for your group.

Adjust the dates to this year's calendar, and add your youth ministry's service times, upcoming events, and contact information (or delete those sections entirely). Make it yours, and it's ready to print and distribute!

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This Resource Includes:

  • Lent Prayer Journal - 60 pages including (Word Doc) 
    • 7 lessons that can be done individually, as a group, or as a supplement to large-group teaching
    • 40 days worth of devotions
    • Information about what Lent is, walking students through "Holy Week" aspects
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Travis Bannon