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A four-week sermon series about sin nature, trust, and self-control.


Have you ever said something or done something so terrible that it shocked you? You were furious with a friend who betrayed you so, to take revenge, you shared their darkest secret with someone? You got upset in a pick-up basketball game, lost your cool and literally punched someone. Seriously, what’s up with us?

Listen, you’re not the only one. We all have moments like this. We call them monster moments. It’s like we have a monster inside of us that occasionally takes control and says or does something that we instantly regret. Why does this happen and what can we do about it? Monster is a series about sin, trust, and self-control.

Have you ever reacted in a way that made you stop and say, “Where did that come from?” Maybe you “accidentally” let some gossip slip about someone you don’t really like, punched someone in a burst of anger or destroyed someone verbally. There are times when something dark jumps out of us. What is this? Is there anything we can do about it?

Week 2 | HURT
The monster within me emerges when I’m hurt. When we’ve been wronged, our natural inclination is to seek revenge. “If you hurt me then I want you to hurt!” Revenge is incredibly gratifying…for a moment. When we are hurt, it is easy to become bitter. Bitterness is a pit that is nearly impossible to escape. The only way to climb out of the pit of bitterness is forgiveness. Forgiveness isn’t about setting the person who hurt you free. It’s about setting yourself free.

Week 3 | LONELY
The monster within me emerges when I’m lonely. People do incredibly dumb things when they are lonely. Lonely people run after people, things, and achievements that they believe will satisfy their loneliness. The truth is that we were designed to be fulfilled by a relationship with God. Until God is at the center of our lives, our loneliness will always drive us to unhealthy places.

Week 4 | ASHAMED
The monster within me emerges when I’m ashamed. Most people live with baggage. We’ve all made mistakes that we aren’t proud of and for some us, the things we have done and said deeply haunt us. To different degrees, we are all ashamed at the core. What if your baggage doesn’t define you? What if God loved you at your worst moment? In that horrible, dirty moment, you were and are loved.

Includes: • Series overview, Lesson overview, Outline • Teaching manuscript for each week (Word files)


Aaron Buer