Meow Mix

Meow Mix

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It's like if singing and charades had a baby, but that baby meowed instead of singing. This is a hilarious game that is fun for everybody.
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Not everyone can sing, but everyone can meow. In this game, contestants will get 5 Meow Mix cards that have song titles on them, and they will have to "meow" the melody. If their teammate guesses the song correctly, they get a point.

This game is hilarious both to play and watch, and it has a party game vibe that is perfect for service, retreats, or just casually playing with your small group.

This Resource Includes:
• 1 video intro
• 1 title graphic
• 1 60 sec countdown clock
• 5 versions of the game: Pop, Worship, Animated Movies, 80s, and 90s.
Each version has 20 song cards (100 total).


DYM Team